My works capture movement, texture, memories, and surprises

Expand your experience of art

People who value my art are able to suspend their preconceived ideas and, instead, look for visual experiences as they uncover anew, details that are not immediately seen.

“It’s tempting to tether ourselves to the familiar comfort of the way things are, but fulfillment is often discovered in the unpredictable and unknown.”
~ Jaeda DeWalt

“Painting is as much an act of discovery for me as it is for the viewer”

To an artist

the printed word,
the harmonies and counterpoint of music,
the voice and gesture of the dramatic arts,
or the colors and blank surfaces of the painter, fulfillment comes in the act of intimate communication with the reader, listener, audience, or viewer.


All art is a reaching out to share the very personal vision of the artist with others.

The Waters of March Project

Curated by Jon Taner, MFA

The Waters of March is a song written and performed by famed Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. It is about torrential rains that wash away the summer in Brazil. The lyrics form a brilliant collage of objects, emotions, and different circumstances that are arranged in a series of repeated descending notes like falling rain.

The nationally and internationally recognized artists chosen to participate in this project translate their selection of random words and phrases into visual art.

The Waters of March Project will culminate in an extraordinary exhibit of multiple creations to be announced soon. 
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