Jon Taner, MFA,
Curator of the Waters of March Project

As a professional artist I have been devoted to the different forms of collage and assemblage. My work has been informed by the sights and sounds that surround me daily. Jazz music and its unpredictable nature has been influential in terms of its improvisation within given parameters. The result is such that a listener, (viewer), gets a sense of discovery amid sounds (scenes) and lyrics (objects) that are both known and unknown.

All the lyrics from the song, “The Waters of March,” conjure up images that stimulate memories or spark one’s imagination. They are written in random order held together by the rhythm of the music and its repetition of descending notes.

The array of words forms a collage much the same as the assorted colors, shapes, textures and repurposed materials found in my work. This is what inspired me to curate an exhibit based on this song. It is composed of the creations of a group of professional artists (including myself). Each artist has chosen a word or phrase that inspires them to turn the audio into the visual with their expertise in various mediums. The combined responses of each artist as individuals will produce a collage on a grander and diverse scale.

The Waters of March Project Summary



The Waters of March is a song written and performed by famed Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. It is about about torrential rains that wash away the summer in Brazil. The lyrics form a brilliant collage of objects, emotions, and different circumstances that are arranged in a series of repeated descending notes like falling rain. The nationally and internationally recognized artists chosen to participate in this project translate their selection of the random words and phrases into visual art. Further, the project will culminate in an extraordinary exhibit of approximately 75 creations.

The potential for this project to blend art forms, while educating a community about what inspires a musician and visual artists is exciting. This multi-cultural project designed to attract a wide variety of viewers and listeners, is of a proportion that requires various forms of support: financial; venues; live performers; transporters, insurance, and installers; media coverage; promotional materials; cataloging; and an opening event. Printed reproductions of some of the art will be available for sale as well as the originals with the caveat that works will be made available for future exhibitions within the following five years wherever they may occur. Sponsorship and patronage is an important aspect of this project.


Participating Artists:


Interested supporters may contact Jon Taner, curator and participating artist at or at 1.207.951.6386.